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Counseling and Support

In personal one-on-one sessions we will

take a look at your external situation (work, family, private life),
bring awareness to your body perception (feeling well or unwell),
shed light on your inner attitudes (belief systems, conflicts, emotions).

Body, mind and soul influence each other.
Interaction of physical, mental and emotional levels may strengthen or weaken our organism.

Awareness is key on the path to a more fulfilled life. It draws upon resources founded on inner balance.
When we consciously perceive reality as it is, change happens.
New insights help our growth and bring fulfillment here and now.

Competent, responsible guidance can be very supportive of our individual growth towards unfolding our full human potential.

Counseling is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical and/or psychotherapeutic advice, diagnosis or treatment, which may be required in the case of mental disease.